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Low Cost Funeral home close to and serving Soddy-Daisy, TNCovenant of Chattanooga, is the low-cost alternative to traditional funeral homes. Offering a simplified selection process, convenient, easily accessible location and a non-funeral environment. Our operational costs are lower, our service fees and merchandise prices to the public are lower. Many neighborhood funeral homes are owned by profit driven international conglomerates.) But with our low overhead, locally owned Covenant is a welcome alternative for families that prefer a simpler approach and more flexibility. We specialize in offering dignified funeral and cremation arrangements at dramatically reduced costs. Dignified funeral and cremation arrangements at dramatically reduced costs- We offer Chattanooga's best funeral value," Covenant Funeral President Barbara Crox said. "We believe that the true value of a funeral lies not in the cost or style of the casket, but in the care of those who are left to mourn their loss
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Article from Chattanooga Times & Free Press


Wendell P. Bryant and owners Barbara Crox and Walter L. Crox true value funeral Funeral Home Funeral & Cremation Service From left, staff member Wendell P. Bryant and owners Barbara Crox and Walter L. Crox are surrounded by caskets in a showroom at Covenant Funeral Service

Carol Gilliland remembers her mother, Charlyne Prince, as a practical woman who was loved by members of her church.

So when Mrs. Prince was dying under hospice care last year at age 81, her daughter began shopping around for the most practical funeral she could have at her church. After receiving several price quotes she thought were excessive from local funeral homes, she discovered a local funeral service that specializes in conducting lower-cost funerals in churches.

"It was a beautiful funeral and all of the arrangements were as good as any funeral home could have provided," Ms. Gilliland recalled.

Covenant Funeral Service, the 3-year-old company which handled the funeral, doesn't have a spacious funeral home for on-site viewing and funerals. But without such overhead, the company saved Ms. Gilliland more than $3,000 compared to what other funeral homes quoted for the same services. Covenant also boasts lower prices on most of its caskets.

"We offer Chattanooga's best funeral value," Covenant Funeral President Barbara Crox said. "We believe that the true value of a funeral lies not in the cost or style of the casket, but in the care of those who are left to mourn their loss."

Covenant's slogan -- "Reverence, Dignity and Reasonable Prices" -- also emphasizes its support for the role of religion in funerals. Most of its services and viewings are held at local churches.

The company began in September 1998 and is among a host of new options being made available today to American consumers, who annually spend more than $25 billion a year on funerals. In response to the increased cost and consolidation in the funeral industry during the 1990s, stand-alone casket stores, Internet funeral planning and alternative funeral service companies are offering consumers lower-cost alternatives.

But while Covenant's concept is still relatively new for Chattanooga, the family owners of Covenant are not new to the funeral home industry.

The Crox family has been in the area funeral home business for five generations and was part of the Fike family-owned funeral home in Cleveland, Tenn. until it was sold in 1987 to Sentinel Corp. (later merged into SCI Corp.).

Walter Crox, co-owner of Covenant, is a licensed funeral home director and mortician who previously worked at the Fike Funeral Home. Prior to starting Covenant, he spent a decade as a sales representative for insurance companies traveling to different funeral homes across the West offering pre-need funeral policies.

"I was traveling a lot in that job and wanted to settle down," Mr. Crox said. "But I also saw a real need for this type of funeral option to help limit the expenses involved in a funeral. For most persons, we're able to offer a very professional and dignified service and arrangements for 40 percent less than what they would pay at a conventional funeral home."

Covenant operates out of a storefront in the Chase Center along Chattanooga's "auto row" on Chapman Road. Covenant makes funeral arrangements at its own facility and displays caskets and urns for sale. But the embalming or cremations are done at other locations and the public viewings and funerals for Covenant are typically held at a local church. Covenant builds into its rates a donation to the church where the funeral is conducted.

"It's probably not for everybody, but my experience with these funerals has been very positive," said Rev. Ron Ragon, pastor of the Brainerd Presbyterian Church, where Covenant led the funeral for Mrs. Prince. "For people who want a church funeral anyway, it makes a lot of sense."

So far, Covenant has typically conducted two or three funerals a month. But the company is also selling prearranged funeral packages and its Web site has attracted inquiries from around the country.

'We expected to get a little better initial response, but our business is building and those that have used our services are already planning other funerals with us in the future," Mr. Crox said.


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